Forklift for Sales

Buy Reconditioned Truck

Depending on your needs, a new truck may not always be what you are looking for. Due to financial reasons or your usage, our range of used trucks may be the right choice for you.

Why used truck?

Buying a used truck can save you money compared to a new truck. For example, if you only need a back-up truck to do specifics task every once in a while, or if you urgnetly need an extra truck to make it through busier periods, we can help you out with a used truck.

Quality of Reconditioned Truck

You can buy our used trucks with confidence, since we produce them according to the Toyota Production System. Throughout their lifetime, they are maintained by our Toyota certified technicians with Toyota genuine parts and refurbished by us afterwards, follwed by a final technical inspection.

Sale Conditions

  • Prices not included Commercial Tax 5%, not included transportation fee.
  • 100% Down payment (negotiable by Q’ty).
  • No warranty (“As is” condition).
  • After service 1 year or 1500 hrs. which comes first (For Refurbished Truck only).
  • No booking beforehand.
  • Prices will be changed without prior notice.

Available Units

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